Semalt Expert From Islamabad – What Are Search Engine Spiders And How Do They Affect SEO?

Various webmasters are concerned about the keywords and phrases of their websites as they think the search engines count all the keywords to evaluate the relevance of a website and even its ranking. Luckily, modern SEO involves a lot of things and is not all about keywords. In fact, there are hundreds to thousands of search engine optimization factors that contribute to the search engine ranking of a website. Everything from the title tags to meta descriptions and inbound links is essential for better search engine ranks. Over the years, Google, Bing, and Yahoo have learned how to determine if a website is user-friendly or not and how to judge the quality of its content.

Michael Brown, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, tells that all Google and Bing need to do is to reference their index of sites and determine which web pages have quality content and are authorized to display in the search results.

As all webmasters know, the search engine ranking is not static. The chances are that your competitors will add and modify far better keywords and content than you, and the Google spiders' work cannot be completed. That is why you should regularly update your content and cover a range of topics. It will signal the search engines that the website is active and healthy.

Avoid the wrath of Google's crawlers and bots

There was a time when the search engines could be tricked easily. The web developers and webmasters used different black hat SEO tactics to manipulate sites' ranking in the organic search result. Their keyword jamming is the most famous and widely used strategy, but now the search engines have become good at identifying such behavior. When the spiders report a consecutive infraction, it may result in the permanent ban or temporary penalty. The penalties are a slap on your wrist, and it will not let you improve the ranking of your website. As a result, your site's traffic will be reduced as the search engines will not rank it well.

It's true that the content is king, and if Google's spiders see that you have maintained a user-friendly and content-rich site, which can live up to the expectations of the visitors and is focusing on the best SEO practices, your site's ranking will definitely improve. You should never risk your rankings with the manipulative techniques to attract more visitors as this will not get you the desired results.

Another method to achieve the success and reach the top

Google and other search engines are worth billions of dollars, and these sites did not reach the heights of success with charitable donations. This search engine giant is involved in selling ad space above the search result, and clients and brands bid on different search terms like cats and dogs. When a person enters the search query, the pop-up or banner ads will automatically appear. It is indeed a good way to bypass the judgmental crawlers, bots, and the advertisers pay heavily for space only when the users click on their ads.

There is no guarantee that your site will get good rank as there are hundreds to thousands of business websites on the top spot. The best way to start is to understand what every webmaster is doing. With it, you can improve the content and can improve the search engine results of your website.